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“I started dancing thanks to my mother whose ambition, if she had been allowed, was to be a dancer. She took me at the age of five, together with my sister who is six years older, to a local dance school in Guildford, at the time called 'hurleys dance school'. Without her knowing it was a very good ballroom and Latin dance studio, many couples travelled from all over the world to have lessons there. I worked my way up through many many exams from the age of five till around fourteen which is when one of the teachers suggested I go into competitive dancing. Previously I had two dance partners with whom I danced for about a year each, and slowly acclimatised myself to the differences of competitive dance. It was at this point Vincent and I were introduced, and to find out the rest of the story go to 'about us' history.”


“All of my family are dancers - my parents are professional teachers in both Ballroom and Latin, and my sister is currently studying at University, although dances herself, teaching street dance, hip hop and aerobics in her spare time. I have taught dancing since the age of twelve, in Italy. From there, I moved to Guildford when I was seventeen and was teaching both here and in Italy for a few years. I greatly enjoy the teaching, and I hope this comes across in lessons. I have a real passion for dance, and I believe that hard work can go a long way. My favourite dance is a hard one to pick, but I like the moody dances best. The Rumba, Argentine Tango, and ballroom Tango are all up there amongst my favourites. Sometimes it depends on the day - the mood, the venue, and the music. A lot of dance is about feeling the music.”

School of Dance DVD

School of Dance transports Vincent and Flavia into your living room. With their guidance you can learn the steps to your favourite dances at your own pace. Whether you’re a fully-fledged starlet or just finding your feet, School of Dance will ensure you never feel out of place on the dance floor.

Dance with Vincent & Flavia app

Learn the steps wherever you are! Dance with Vincent and Flavia is a FREE dance tutorial App. From the Salsa to the Foxtrot, choose your favourite dance and let Vincent and Flavia teach you all the steps. With slow-motion videos, you really won’t miss a beat. What’s more, gain discounts on dancewear so you’ll feel and look the part. Available on both Android and iOS.

Argentine Tango DVDs Vols 1, 2 and 3

Taking you through Vincent and Flavia’s signature dance, this DVD guides you each step of the way with clear concise instructions. Mastering the steps and technique section will soon make you the centre of attention on the dance floor.

Dance 'til Dawn

After the massive success of their previous show Midnight Tango, Vincent and Flavia are back with a tantalising new stage show straight from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Dance ‘til Dawn boasts big bands, stunning sets, captivating costumes, comedy and of course sensational dance numbers. You will be transported into the 1940s and leave feeling uplifted and inspired.

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Date Location Contact
Mon 13th - 18th April Dance till Dawn
Performing at Milton Keynes
Tickets on sale from 0844 871 7652
Mon 20th - Sat 25th April Dance till Dawn
Performing at Salford Lowry
Tickets on sale from 0843 208 6000
Mon 27th - Sat 2nd May Dance till Dawn
Performing at Hull New Theatre
Tickets on sale from 01482 300300
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01483 567088

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